Career Planning and Development

Modular Programme

Our Career Planning programme includes consultation and personality questionnaires which provide a detailed insight into yourself thus helping you to reach your full career potential. This programme has a superb track record in helping to participants to clarify their objectives and to reach them.

The Career Planning module is of most value to executives considering a career change or on whom a career change has been forced. It starts with one of our counselors exploring, with the executive, their career path to date, establishing key points of progress or setback and identifying essential strengths. Psychometric, aptitude and occupational interest inventory testing are employed to alert executives to particular capacities they have and career possibilities they may not have considered. Advice is provided on how to access the companies and individuals most likely to provide the right job and future career path for the individual. This includes help on judging advertisements, recruitment websites and networking.

How It Works

Sit down with an expert and work out where you want to go next in you career, and how to get there. Executives develop direction-clarity and set out on a path of informed exploration of possibilities. They’re filmed in question-and-answer simulations with panels and their performance capability enhanced by assessment. Finally, their CVs, cover-letters and (where appropriate) web-sites are revised, tested and refined.

This Programme Will:
  • Help you stand back from your own career and examine it in an objective way
  • Support you in identifying and researching alternative career paths
  • Show you the best way to achieve your career goals
  • Give you specific action plans to enable you pursue objectives

Carr Communications provides a range of assessment tools to assist you make career choices. We help you to identify your skills and competencies.

Personality Assessment and Profiling allows individuals to identify the strengths and weaknesses that are helpful to consider when choosing a career path. You will be happier in your job if your personality suits the role. In turn you will be more successful and achieve more job satisfaction.

What Is Psychometric Testing?

It is the measurement of specific intelligence, ability and personality traits. Using aptitude tests and personality questionnaires it is possible to measure various capabilities and components of personality. This introduces some objectivity into the field of the human resources for training and developmental purposes. Sophisticated questionnaires make it possible to objectively measure the various capabilities and components of personality.

The effectiveness of such testing is based on their predictive validity in the other words their capacity to identify likely behaviour. Personality profiles give insight into a persons preferred style of behaving within their environment.

Personality Assessment and Profiling

This detailed assessment builds a profile of potential employees under the following areas:

  • People orientation
  • Assertiveness
  • Empathy
  • Approach to work
  • Decision making and Analytical ability
  • Change orientation
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Anxiety levels
  • Personal ambition and drive

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