Executive Coaching

We provide a full one-to-one coaching service for Managers and Executives. Our Senior Consultants work with Senior Managers and Senior Officials in many leading companies and Departments.

Our coaching process:

  • Starts with a detailed Leadership Assessment using a recognise Profiling Tool to identify areas of strength and development areas.
  • Following assessment, you will be provided with both a report and an in-depth briefing on the outcome of your assessment.
  • Following this feedback, we assign a Consultant to work with you. The first meeting will focus on selecting key areas to be addressed during your ongoing engagement.
  • The engagement process will consist of approximately six meetings over a period of six months on an as-needs basis.
  • The focus of these sessions will be on:
    • Priorities within your role
    • Areas to be developed in order to deliver on those priorities
  • You will jointly agree areas to be developed and work-related performance indicators.
  • These should be discussed with your manager so that he / she is aware of the areas being worked on and can evaluate progress.
  • You will work together with the assigned Consultant / Consultants in two ways:
    • Structured regular meetings dealing with priorities
    • Ad hoc meetings when issues arise where you may need independent advice
  • The structured process will entail a two-hour meeting once a month
    • These meetings deal with real work priorities – they are not hypothetical discussions or ‘training’ sessions
    • You agree key deliverables for the coming month and identifies potential difficulties or blockages
    • Both of you will agree outcomes and a feedback mechanism
  • Ad hoc meetings, when needed, tend to deal with specific skills issues, such as a difficult feedback meeting, or preparation for a specific negotiation. These do not divert attention from the main focus, that is, delivery on key priorities.
  • At the end of three months, you will both review progress against initial objectives.

Contact us

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Our office hours are:

  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 5.30pm
  • Saturday - Sunday: Office is closed

Client support is available 24/7. Please call (+353.1) 772 8900 out of normal office hours to hear mobile numbers of our staff on duty. We can also be contacted by email outside normal office hours.