Conducting Exit Interviews

1 Day Programme

Organisations can learn a lot from conducting effective exit interviews with departing employees before they leave. Exit interviews provide an opportunity the employee to provide feedback on why they are leaving, what they liked or didn’t like about their employment and what areas of the organisation they feel need improvement.

An effective exit interview process allows an opportunity for the organisation to enable transfer of knowledge and experience from the departing employee to a successor or replacement, or even to brief a team on current projects, issues and contacts.

This one day workshop will provide HR professionals and managers with the professional skills, knowledge and practice to design and conduct effective exit processes that:

  • capture valuable key feedback that your organisation can act upon
  • result in the leaver having a more positive view of the organization
  • ensures critical knowledge is not lost when people leave your company
  • are aligned to your companies other HR processes

This Programme Will Show You How To:

  • Build the typical stages of the Exit process
  • Gather feedback at each of these stages
  • Design templates and questionnaires
  • Analyse and report on feedback from exit process
  • Prepare for face to face exit interviews
  • Practice conducting an exit interview

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