Crisis Management

Every company’s senior management team should be trained to handle the media during any crisis that may occur. The central objectives of this training would be to ensure that all of the crisis team are equipped to deal directly with the media during any incident. The plan itself must also be tested, so that any intrinsic weaknesses or holes are spotted, rectified and an improved alternative provided.

The course would be practical and exercise based, allowing the participants to learn by doing. Carr Communications provides a team of Senior Consultants who will assess, tutor and also act as journalists. Simply put, you will never face journalists in reality who are as investigative, as difficult or as competent as those we provide. The team will put you through a course that will leave you ready for any media interaction you could possibly face.

Over the course you will:

  • Manage a staged media Crisis
  • Brief The Press
  • Write Press releases
  • Be interviewed for Radio
  • Be Interviewed for TV Sound bites
  • Be Assessed in all areas of your ability to handle a media crisis

The course ends with a plenary session to cement the rules of the course and to cover any outstanding issues in relation to the crisis plan and its practical implementation. You will leave with detailed notes and all of your video footage providing you with a televisual record.

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