Media Skills Training

Media training in Ireland started with a popular presenter in the early days of Irish television.

Bunny Carr found that politicians and businesspeople appearing on his programmes were boring. Boring because they just wanted to survive the studio experience.

It wasn’t good enough. Not for them. Not for the viewers.

So he started to train people in how to appear on programmes. In how to be interesting. Understandable. Memorable.

Carr Communications was the first company to offer media training. No-tricks media training. Training that brought out the best in the individual – and helped them transport their natural best into the more pressured situation of a TV studio. Training that de-mystified television and radio. That stopped programme guests obsessing about the hidden agendas they were sure interviewers had. That allowed them to be comfortable, confident and communicative.

Within a few years, the company was a household name: if media training was mentioned, Carr Communications was mentioned, too.

As media changed and evolved, so did Carr Communications’ media training and coaching.

And it wasn’t just for programme guests. Carr Communications is the leading European trainer of presenters, newsreaders, reporters, researchers, script-writers and TV/Radio producers.

If you need to come to terms with media, there’s nobody to touch us. Our constantly-refined media training is unequalled in its effectiveness for the individual. And it’s fun.

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