Presentation Skills Training

We started to help people become better presenters in the early seventies. Back when a slide show was something you brought in a box, not an icon on a computer screen. We have delivered Presentation Skills training to more than 15,000 clients, in eighteen countries using four different languages.

Our courses and approaches have developed over the decades. They now encompass the use of PowerPoint, Audio-Visual inserts, Video-conference links and the increasingly complex task of presenting within the bounds of modern public-procurement processes.

But our presentation skills training is still rooted in the same core principle; we help you deliver a presentation in your own style, using your own words that will change attitudes and behaviour. A presentation that will be interesting, understandable and memorable.

Our courses are available one-to-one or in group session.

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Tel: (+353.1) 772 8900

Our office hours are:

  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 5.30pm
  • Saturday - Sunday: Office is closed

Client support is available 24/7. Please call (+353.1) 772 8900 out of normal office hours to hear mobile numbers of our staff on duty. We can also be contacted by email outside normal office hours.