Speech Writing

Carr Communications has a unique expertise when it comes to speechwriting. Our consultants have written more speeches, for more people, from more organisations than any other company in the Ireland.

Our consultants have written speeches for the nation's most senior business people and politicians and for people from NGOs and lobby groups from a spectrum so diverse it includes the Irish Farmers Association and Down Syndrome Ireland. We have written speeches for the majority of Cabinet ministers who have held office since 1980, for nearly every Taoiseach since 1980 and for numerous party leaders at innumerable Ard Fheiseanna.

Our speechwriting courses have been attended by thousands of people over four decades. Over that time we have provided speechwriting training in each and every Government Department, from Higher Executive Officer grades all through to Assistant Secretary grades.

Our two-day speechwriting course will make you the best speechwriter you can be. It is based on your own work, not theory. You will be asked to submit a speech you have already written before you arrive for the course. During the two days you will undertake a series of exercises in writing, editing, speech analysis and speech-writing.
By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Write in the spoken word
  • Assess and understand the speaker’s speech-patterns
  • Use language, and references that suit the speaker
  • Avoid cliché
  • Structure a coherent and involving speech
  • Avoid data-overloading your speaker’s audience
  • Use illustration effectively
  • Write interesting, understandable and memorable speeches

You will understand:

  • The difference between verbal and written syntax
  • Rhetorical techniques and flourishes
  • The proper use of alliteration, sibilance and onomatopoeia
  • Standard speech protocols and etiquette

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