TV and Radio Presenter Training

Being a TV and Radio presenter is all about personality. You either have ‘it’ or you don’t. Raw talent is all that matters.
Yeah. Right.

And being a surgeon is something anyone can do if they’ve got a bit of talent and a sharp knife.

Good radio and TV presenters are typified by their competence. There will always be a need for new personalities and for ‘different’ presenting styles. But that need is short term. Competent presenters are the ones with a long shelf-life. Pure-personality presenters have the shelf-life of tomatoes.

If you want to be a skilled radio or TV presenter, if you believe the job is just as professional, skilled and developable as any other, then Carr Communications can give you the skills you need.

Our presenter courses are tailored for the needs of our clients. Senior presenters tend to use our services on an ongoing one-to-one developmental basis, while people new to the business tend to attend our group presenter-training programmes.

Whichever method you choose, we seek to inculcate competence, not trickery.

Our presenter programmes and consultancy will make you able to:

  • Script links, promos, intros and pieces to camera
  • Chair panel discussions
  • Chair phone-ins
  • Handle live audiences
  • Plan and deliver vox-pops
  • Assess programme demographics and tailor output to fit
  • Use autocue
  • Handle multiple camera set-ups
  • Hit times

And fundamentally:

Conduct interviews, build packages and write scripts that are interesting, understandable and memorable.

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