Writing For Publication

You’re a newly appointed Press Officer. Or you’ve just been handed the task of revamping the company’s publicity material. Or you’re a Communications graduate who wants to break into print media. Carr Communications’ Writing for Publication Course is for you. The course is tailored to individual requirements, and can deal with writing and targeting excellent Press Releases, feature writing and placement and designing or re-designing organisational promotional material. The flexibility of our approach allows us to cater for specific training needs.

Exercises are practical, based on pre-training preparation. By the end of the day’s training you will know the principles of good writing, whatever the medium. You will know how to assess the audience for your feature or Press Release. You will have identified who is most likely to read organisational material in written form and shape the information for relevance to that audience.

You will have located how best to target different elements of your staff with internal communication and what will attract the interest of each. You will understand the importance of identifying the audience for each piece, and how to adapt information for that audience’s benefit.

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