Behavioural Science and The Future of Human Resource Management

Available dates:

Thursday January 31st, 2018 (One-day programme).

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  • Have you ever struggled to embed a new change initiative?
  • Have you ever invested in a management development programme only for it to fail to deliver the desired behavioural change?
  • Do you struggle to identify tangible improvements that will increase employee engagement in your organisation?
  • Do you regularly get asked questions about something you have just emailed out in an internal communication?


Who is this programme for?

People working in HR or Management

  • You need to make a cultural change in your organisation
  • You manage internal communications
  • You are involved in learning and development
  • You are an internal or agency recruiter
  • You need to improve performance management in your organisation

What outcomes can you expect?

  • Deeper understanding of human behaviours and the ways in which people make decisions – and why
  • A solid grounding in key ideas from behavioural science and their relevance to HRM
  • Tools and frameworks to guide the development and implementation of new HRM practices
  • Understanding of how to develop and test simple interventions targeting culture, engagement and ultimately performance

What is the format of the programme?

  • Expert inputs from tutors in Behavioural Science and Human Resource Management
  • Interactive exercises and facilitator led group discussion
  • Case studies and examples of best practice from the field
  • Take away tools to develop new HRM practices
  • A completed personal development plan

Who is delivering the course?

Tony Hughes – Managing Director

Amy Hume – Behavioural Economics Consultant

Programme Outline

    • The science behind what makes people tick
    • How people make decisions
    • The biases that influence these decisions
    • Impact on employees’ behaviour and organisational outcomes
    • Why this matters for developing effective strategies and plans
    • What motivates people to act positively
    • Why people resist change and the impact of uncertainty
    • How to adapt communications to maximise impact
    • How to encourage engagement with organisational priorities
    • Reviewing all key strands including: Recruitment, learning and development, people management, employee engagement, performance management, reward, recognition and culture

Meet Your Tutors

Tony Hughes, Managing Director

Tony HughesTony Hughes oversees the development of the business and supports the delivery of major projects. Tony has particular expertise in the management of complex human resource environments and supporting organisations through periods of significant change. As a consequence he is fascinated by the potential application and impact of behavioural science based interventions.

Tony provides consultancy services for many organisations and he has added value to, and led, many European and National projects. He has successfully advised many Chief Executives on how to develop their organisations to improve overall performance and these interventions are increasingly being based on the core principles of behavioural economics.

Amy Hume, Behavioural Economics Consultant

Amy HumeOne of the lead designers and facilitators of a number of new training offers within the Carr Communications portfolio including Engage: Behavioural Science for Managers, Behavioural Economics and Public Policy, and also an array of programmes in the Financial Services arena.

Researches issues ranging from citizen engagement in environmental decision making, and the impact of framing different policy messages, to positively influencing employees to become more engaged in their organisation.

Prior to joining Carr Communications, Amy worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Stirling, and holds a First class Honours degree in Accounting and Economics from the University of Strathclyde, as well as an MSc in Behavioural Science for Management at the University of Stirling.

January 31st 2019 

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