Amy Hume

Behavioural Change Researcher


Amy joined Carr Communications as a Behavioural Change Researcher in 2016. She is fascinated by human behaviour, in particular how people engage in decision-making, often in an irrational fashion. She is interested in conducting experiments testing what are the most effective techniques for generating optimal responses to communications.

On a day-to-day basis, Amy researches issues ranging from citizen engagement in environmental decision-making, to how financial specialists engage in financial decision-making. In addition, she conducts online surveys and interviews on behalf of some of our European partners, making the most of her previous experience as a researcher within the University of Stirling Behavioural Science Centre.

Born and bred in Edinburgh, she has a first class Honours degree in Accounting and Economics from the University of Strathclyde, where she also donned as a part-time pizza chef and tour guide. She completed an MSc in Behavioural Science for Management at the University of Stirling. During the Masters programme, she developed a particular interest in self-control and how people engage in strategies to help reduce tendencies to procrastinate, as well as various policy issues ranging from the framing of New Psychoactive Substances as “legal highs”, testing a manipulation of the framing of the “Brexit” question, and changes to the processing of Vehicle Excise Duty.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys hosting dinner parties, baking and watching her favourite sports – Formula 1 and rugby.

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