Tony Hughes

Managing Director



Tony Hughes oversees and directs the training, public relations and human resources (HR) services delivered to many of the top companies and state agencies in Ireland and the UK. This is matched with over 30 years of international experience in strategic communications, dissemination, exploitation, training, change management and HR. He has particular expertise in the management of complex human resource environments and supporting organisations through periods of significant change. He has successfully advised many Chief Executives on how to develop their organisations to improve overall performance.

Tony provides consultancy services for many organisations and he has added value to, and led, many European and National projects. Examples include projects in the areas of: strategic planning, operational management, organisational development, communications and human resources. In addition he has helped and supported a number of fundraising processes including the development of investor presentations.

Prior to becoming Managing Director of Carr Communications, Tony was Chief Operations Officer of Touchstone Healthcare an Irish based start-up that focused on the delivery of primary care services. As a result Tony has an in-depth knowledge of the challenges of developing an organisation within the Irish healthcare system.

Tony spent the first nine years of his career with leading retailer J Sainsbury plc in the UK, working in various managerial and leadership roles in the areas of training and development, Human Resources and change management. He spent his final years with the company as Head of Organisational Development based in the company’s HQ in Blackfriars - London. In this role Tony led a number of major change processes that were designed to ensure the company was structured and developed in the most appropriate way to deliver key corporate objectives. These major change processes were designed to significantly enhance the delivery of effective customer service practices across a retail organisation of over 100,000 employees. Tony had overall responsibility for the design, delivery and impact of these fundamental change programmes.

From there he was head hunted by Bank of Ireland Mortgages in the UK where he became their Head of Human Resources. Over the next two years Tony led the HR implementation of a change process that saw the business completely restructured. The programme, which was linked to a major redesign of all key business processes, included the development and implementation of a new organisation structure as well the introduction of competency based HR practices. The restructuring and competency implementation was extremely successful in business performance terms and the following year Tony collected the Human Resources Excellence Award for Financial Services from the Industrial Society (UK) in their inaugural HR awards.

Tony then moved to Ireland where he became a senior management consultant with two leading Irish business consultancies – Genesis and Vision Consulting. During the next three years he supported a number of leading organisations through significant change programmes - all of which were focused on improving consumer experience.

In early 2000, Tony was asked to join Marrakech, a start-up technology organisation, as Vice President of Human Resources. Over the next four years Tony helped the business to grow from a start up operation to a business of over 350 people world-wide. During this time, he was responsible for the development of a number of international offices across the Americas (Boston, New York, Mexico City and Buenos Aires), Northern Europe (Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam), and Asia (Singapore).

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