HR and Career Development Services

Carr Communications’ Career Development services is the national resource for people at all stages in their working life. We provide a range of career planning and development services for both individuals and corporate clients.

Our track record in preparing people for job or promotion interviews is unequalled, nationally and internationally. This is just one of the Career Development services we have been offering for the last 30 years.

Our Career Development services are designed and delivered by experienced HR specialists and career guidance coaches. Whether you’re a student examining the options for your future, an employee at a crossroads in your career, an ambitious executive going for promotion, or an organisation introducing career development initiatives, we offer the skills and expertise you need to define your target – and hit it.

Individual Programmes

Our Career consultation services and programmes are for individuals at all stages of their careers. Whether you are a student looking for your first job, or a senior manager making a career change, our career planning and development services will help you evaluate, plan and prepare yourself for your next move.

Our confidential one-to-one consultations are invaluable to individuals who are at a career crossroads, and want to gain optimum results from the recruitment process. We help you to clarify your career aspirations and target positions suitable for your skills, talents and competencies. We assist you to plan and achieve your career goals, through increased self awareness, structured coaching and action planning.

Corporate Programmes

Carr Communications has extensive experience in assisting organisations to manage and implement workplace change and development strategies. We provide a comprehensive range of HR career development services which are tailored to your organisations’ culture and specific requirements.

Our experienced consultants will support you in developing HR initiatives and development programmes such as succession management and talent programmes. This will enrich job roles and provide career opportunities for your staff.

We will work closely with your HR people to design effective career development structures and programmes for the different stages of an individual's career. We help to develop the framework for the initiative, design the core components of the programme with you and provide support throughout the implementation of the programme.

These interventions may be provided as a series of individual sessions for selected people in the organisation, or we will deliver training to groups of people.

Training Programmes

Carr Communications are renowned as the experts in Communications, Training and Development. Our Careers Training programmes are the same. Our careers experts run open programmes for individuals as well as tailored corporate programmes across all the areas of career management.

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