Managing Personal Effectiveness

There are so many calls on any executive’s time that it is all too easy to be constantly distracted and interrupted. You help out, and your own priorities suffer – a huge cause of anxiety. This course will give you simple and practical steps to make you more effective.

Holding Effective Review Meetings

Giving realistic, honest feedback is one of the key skills of an effective manager. It is also the area many managers avoid, because they lack the skills and are afraid of damaging relationships. This course will show you how to give effective feedback and deal with poor or non-performance.

Performance Management

Whether or not you have a formal system of Performance Management in place, this course will give you the practical skills to manage performance and non-performance. It will give you an effective management tool, not a bureaucratic process.


You cannot do everything yourself. To deliver your results, you must develop your people. Every manager must now be a coach. This course will show you how to do it, how to create the time, and why it is so important.

Make Things Happen

Delivering any team project demands a range of management skills and competencies. This course addresses the key areas managers need to concentrate on to ensure things happen and things get done, on time, with quality results.

Building and Leading Teams

Good teams do not build themselves. You have to lead – you need to put in place a process and a structure to form and develop the team, to maintain team motivation, and to ensure team delivery.

Managing People

If you don’t structure your approach to managing people, then you are relying on your personality. Some situations require a more structured approach. This course will give you a practical and logical approach to managing people, and the core skills for dealing with typical situations.

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