Sales and Service Programmes

Customer Relationship Management

This programme will show you the importance of managing customer relationships, and will give you the key steps to do this. It is not a sales programme. If client relationships are superbly managed, you are investing in future business and referrals.

Receptionist's Skills

Your receptionist is the first person your clients and customers meet. The impression your receptionist gives is one of the lasting impressions of your business. You cannot leave reception standards to chance or common sense.

Strategic and Relationship Selling

This programme will give you a clear understanding of how to develop and grow business and sales. It will show you how to develop the relationship so that, in addition to getting the sale, you are getting further business and valuable referrals.

Structuring a Business Pitch

No matter what your area of expertise, you will inevitably find yourself in competition with other professionals & organisations of high calibre. Pitching ideas and pitching for business (formally and informally) is now a core competency for any professional.

Superb Complaints Handling

Each angry or difficult customer is an opportunity for your organisation to show your real values. This course gives you the tools to deal effectively with potentially damaging customer encounters.

Telephone Sales Programme

Telephone relationships with clients are now a critical part of any organisation’s business. You need to be professional, friendly, and memorable, in a short time, without the benefit of the face-to-face encounter.

Total Customer Service

In a climate of rapid change, one thing remains continuously the same – what customers want. They want you to provide them with a superior service. And they compare you – not just with your direct competition – but with the service they receive everywhere they go. This programme examines how you create a culture of superior service.

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