Panel Recruitment and Selection Interviewing

1 Day Programme

A structured, objective, and carefully planned process is vital if you want to identify suitable candidates at interview. This Programme will show you how to put together such a process, or build on an existing one. It will also give you the skills to probe answers effectively.

If you are a manager or executive who is participating in panel interviews, and needs to improve your interviewing skills, then our Panel Recruitment and Selection Interviewing skills programme will provide you with a practical grounding in best practice recruitment interviewing techniques.

This Programme Will Show You How To:

  • Prepare a panel to interview candidates
  • Select the criteria and competencies
  • Devise a value or weighting system
  • Identify useful and probing questions
  • Score answers objectively
  • Analyse and use the CV
  • Chair the interview
  • Observe the Law – Employment Legislation
  • Do a final evaluation of the candidate
  • Visibly improve interviewing and listening skills
  • Provide practical skills and proven protocols

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