Business Plans and Strategy Statements


No one enjoys writing them. But writing Business Plans and Strategy Statements is a core competency for Managers. This course will show you how to start, where to start, and how to complete the job in a structured and effective manner.

Tender Documents and Proposals

When you are pitching for business, your tender document is a critical part of the process. The private and public sector are becoming more specific and demanding in their expectations of tender documents. This course will show you how to put together a most impressive document.

Letter Writing and Emails

Letters and e-mails are a critical part of your contact and relationship with clients and customers. It is vital that all communications with clients and customers are professional and present the image you want to convey.

Report Writing

This course will give you clear and definitive guidelines to use in preparing reports. It will cover Planning and Structure, Writing and Editing, Layout and Presentation.

Business Writing

If writing is an important part of your work, then our Business Writing course will be extremely helpful. It will give you simple & effective principles to apply in all writing. You can apply these simple and effective principles to reports, letters, emails and presentations.

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